Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Internet Exploer 9's new logo

Microsoft's Internet Explorer, has always been one of the most popular internet browsing programs, but in recent years with the rise of Chrome and Firefox, IE has been forced to keep up with the changing times. So Microsoft has unveiled a revamped look for the browser. Since IE 3.o they have used some variation of the "e" logo. Usualling consisting of a blue lowercase "e" with a yellow or blue swoosh going around it in orbit. The new logo has more of a softer look, without all the bright contrasts and dimensions present in previous logos.

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft's newest Internet Explorer, the 9th edition, was released in September of 2010 and is currently in the beta version. It supports CSS3, has improved javascript, and harware accelerated graphics. Microsoft integrated many Windows 7 features into IE9, such as the taskbar capable of pinning sites. Most of the features were made to make IE more resemble Chrome and Opera and make it faster and easier to use.

Google TV

Google, along with partners Intel, Sony, and Logitech announced plans for GoogleTV in May of 2010. And as of October Sony has been shipping it programed in all of their new televisions. Also being sold are boxes that can be attached to existing televisions that make them capable of running the program. With the program users can browse the web with Google Chrome, and use applications for Youtube, Flickr, Netflix, Amazon, Napster, and Pandora. With plenty of more applications in production that will be available for purchase in 2011, similar to other android markets.

New Myspace

During the past year Myspace has been undergoing major changes to help it compete with other social networking sites. Ever since facebook began taking over the social network world, Myspace has been losing more and more users. The classic blue color scheme has been replaced by a new white brighter theme. This is a direct inspiration from the look of facebook. Developers have also tried their best to make Myspace simpler to use and more attractive to users. Probably the most notable change is the new logo.