Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Avoid Clunky Web Design

Found an article on that gives great tips on how to avoid a clunky web site and make it easier for people to search for your site!

Green Website

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"Design Lab 10
, a graphic and web design company, has taken numerous steps to be environmentally responsible -- a green company. Having created logos, websites and other design work for clients nationwide, they are hoping to help spread the "green" theme. "All of the environmentally sound choices we have made are available to our clients as well. We prefer they join our cause, but we don't require it," says Dana Whitney, owner of Design Lab 10.

"We host our site (and provide hosting to our clients) on servers that are 300% wind-powered (the remaining 200% is sold back to the power company), we equip sites with a stand-by engine (reducing energy used by monitors) and we offer a printing alternative that PDF's blogs and websites and emails the information (instead of wasting paper and customers' ink)."

It is estimated that by 2020 the website hosting industry will be as big a polluter as the airline industry. "We're not just covering our own carbon footprint but we're covering others' carbon footprints as well."

Tips from a pro

Here is a list of web design tips from a Dallas based designer!

Top 10


The Top 10 Web Design Companies for December 2010 are:

1.) WebiMax

2.) Web312

3.) Lounge Lizard Worldwide

4.) DeepBlue

5.) House of Tears Design

6.) 352 Media Group



9.) DreamSoft

10.) Roads Media

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SECCA - South Eastern Centre Contemporary Art

In 2010, the South Eastern Centre Contemporary Art or SECCA, unvieled a new unique logo. This caugh my eye for two reasons. First was that their logo is an animation. It is comprised of the letters SECCA moving horizontally back and forth. This is the first time I have ever seen a logo this way. Of course for printed materials and other applications it is stationary, but when available they put the logo in motion. The creators stated that the idea behind it was to convey a state of ever changing and movement. Two things found in contemporary art.

New Pac10 Logo

In the fall the Pac10 conference unveiled it's new logo. Home to schools in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and soon Colorado and Utah, it has been the most sucessful athletic conference in the history of College sports. The redesign most likely came in response to the conference's future expansion. The new logo features a wave and mountain, along with their name. The wave and mountain are used to represent the landscape of the western United States. I believe this new logo is a huge improvement over their former, generic logo. In addition to the main color scheme of blue, the logo has 10 variations. Each of the different color schemes are used to represent the 10 Universities.