Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Text Tutorials

25 Photoshop Tutorials

Very cool text effects that are very realistic looking. The ones I found the most interesting were the liquid effects. These can be found here. The only disappointment is that some of them require some 3d software work, in addition to photoshop...

I also liked the concrete effects and the ones with more of a grunge feel.

Crazy Photo Manipulations

Full article

Designing a Website for IPad

This Blog gives tips on how to create websites having to take into consideration that they will most likely be viewed on the IPad. This to consider such as different landscape and portrait views, lack of flash, and no hover effects...

Google Photo Recognition


Google describing it's new technology. If you photograph a landmark, the search engine can automatically give you information about it.

Awesome Old Fashion Site

A very interesting site design for a web design and advertising company. They used a lot of worn paper textures, at the top and bottom of page, to create a very old fashion look. The reason I like it is because I feel like it is unlike most sites I've seen. In a modern world, it seems like most sites are trying to stay as modern, sleek, and streamlined as possible. But Sprocket House goes in the opposite direction and is very contrasting to most sites.

Cool Navigation for Utah Travel Site

I came across a bunch of cool navigations that sites had been using.

My favorite was from They use four small textured tabs on the left side of the page. What I found interesting was that when you hover over each tab, a larger box appears behind showing either thumbnails or more information. Also they have a special tab, which makes it possible to choose your own theme for the site, depending on which type of vacation you are interested in.

Great Portfolio Sites

When doing research for my portfolio site, I stumbled across this blog that had some great examples.

25 great portfolio sites

Although I think they are all successful, the one that stood out was one for Jen Germann. I think the simplicity is what attracted me to it, and the overall use of color was great.